Asphalt sealing is more than just a cosmetic boost to your property. There are many reasons why you should seal your driveway in Ottawa.

1. Ottawa especially has typically harsher and colder winters than other areas of the country. Paved asphalt that hasn’t been sealed will dry out over the summer months and during the extreme cold winter months will be more susceptible to cracking and heaving.

2. Driveway sealing puts the tar back into your asphalt which binds the components together making them stronger against the forces of nature such as water, ultra violet rays and cold weather.

3. Sealing your driveway highlights your home and any other landscaping or interlock that is already installed.

4. the oil based sealer that we use protects the top layer of asphalt from water damage by creating a barrier between the asphalt and the water.

5. It is an economical way to yourself thousands of dollars. Spend a few dollars now to maintain your asphalt and you will save the cost of re-paving years down the road.