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Asphalt is an engineered product made of crushed stone and tar (Bitumen or other petroleum products) which bind the two together. It is heated to 300F and applied at that temperature. When it cools it becomes a hard surface.

If properly maintained your driveway should last 20 + years.

there are many reasons why this might happen but the main reason is that asphalt is typically quite brittle and if the ground underneath shifts at any point it can create stress on the asphalt above and create a crack. This is especially true here in Ottawa where we have cold winters which drive the frost deep into the earth below, which causes the asphalt above to heave.

There are many reasons why asphalt is the right choice in our climate in Canada. Asphalt is made with aggregates such as crushed stone mixed with Bitumen which is a sticky substance sometimes referred to as tar. When it cures it becomes a very solid surface. It is; however still pliable enough and more forgiving to ground shifting than other products such as cement. Another reason asphalt is the right product is because it’s easy to repair. When there is damage we can cut it out and replace quickly and cost effectively. It is also the least expensive and fastest option for creating a lasting and durable solid surface. This is why all of our roads and most of our driveways are made of asphalt.

Typically, yes you can pave in the rain but depending on the weather it may cause delays.

You should wait 1 full week if it was paved on a hot summer day. This will help avoid lasting dents in the asphalt. Scuffs may appear on the driveway from (dry turning wheels) on your car. The car should always be in motion if moving on the driveway. On hot summer days scuffs may appear from hard wear and tear on the driveway especially when using a residential grade asphalt with a high sand content. These marks will fade with time.

Potholes are causes by the freeze thaw cycle when water is trapped beneath the asphalt.

Typically when water is allowed to penetrate into the asphalt is when we see damage occurring. Other reasons include improper preparation of sub-base. Overloaded weight for selected asphalt quality. Poor quality materials being used. Also UV rays from the sun deteriorate your asphalt over long periods of time.

Regular maintenance is of course the best practice. Seal coating the driveway as needed, repairing cracks when they form and patching any damaged asphalt.

Here in Ottawa we are no strangers to ice and snow. That being said it is perfectly safe for you to use salt or any ice melting products on your driveway.

For a proper application you will need 2.5″ of raw asphalt compacted to 2″. Residential driveways typically use an asphalt mix with a higher sand content which gives a smoother look and hides the larger aggregate stones.

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