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CanArk is one of Ottawa's top rated hardscape and interlock installing company. We specialize in Full interlock driveways, patios and walkways. We focus primarily on preparing a proper base because the foundation of your project is what makes it last the test of time. We use the latest technology in the landscaping industry to ensure that we are providing the best product to our customers.

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CanArk Paving is one of Ottawa’s top-rated hardscape and interlock installation company. We specialize in full interlock driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, cascading pools, and vertical structures such as benches, retaining walls, firepits, and even an outdoor kitchen. We are firm believers of building a strong foundation for any paving or interlock projects that we do. We believe that putting a solid foundation on your project is what makes it last the test of time. We use the latest technology in the landscaping industry to ensure that we are providing the best product to our customers. Our experienced project managers, layout/project designers, brick installers, and excavators will deliver the best interlock project for you. Our interlock division is comprised of two teams: the excavating team and the brick/paver installers.


Why choose interlock pavers?

– It gives a boost to your property’s curb appeal. The intricate design of the pavers leaves a lasting impression to the eye of any viewer – a huge positive impact that benefits you and your neighborhood.

– It is versatile and customizable. You can tailor your design, style, and color to suit your property style be it old world or contemporary.

– It is low maintenance. You can easily clean the bricks with a power washer to remove stains. The bricks can also be removed individually if any damage is present and replacement is necessary. Even fixing the grade of the interlock driveway can be easily done without having to dismantle the entire installation.

– Interlock driveways are very flexible. They easily adjust to the ground shifting unlike poured concrete or large pavers that can crack.

– The polymeric sand used to bind the interlock driveway together prevents weed growth and keep the foundation underneath the bricks dry.

– The porous texture is non-slip which makes it safe to install as pool decks.

– Interlock driveways are durable. They stand up to heavy loads, vigorous foot traffic, and effects of climate/weather conditions.

Ideal use for:

– Pool decks due to its non-slip quality

– Driveways

– Porches and Steps

– Outdoor fireplaces

– Benches

– Patios

– Retaining walls for garden structures and culverts

Caring for your interlock:

Your project is finished and it looks beautiful. So what now? How do you protect and maintain your interlock project so it lasts and looks great for a long time? First you should treat the pavers like any other concrete product and remember that they are porous. This means that it will absorb most liquids being spilled on it. The main ones to worry about would be petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, and automotive oils. The general rule is if the product is hazardous, then it’s best to protect your pavers from it. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.

Can I use salt?

Many customers ask if they can use salt during the winter months. The answer is “Yes.” However, once the snow has melted, it is best to remove any leftover salt by simply sweeping the excess off the pavers. We also recommend using ecofriendly salt. Road salts can end up on your interlock driveway as well, therefore, we advise our clients to pay close attention to the salt build up on their pavers.

Can I seal my interlock pavers?

This is a very common question. Yes, you can seal them. It is generally best to consult a professional as it is quite a bit more complicated than sealing an asphalt driveway. To simplify the steps, firstly, you will need to clean the pavers and remove any existing dirt or stain as much as possible. Then, remove all the polymeric sand from the pavers. Next, you allow the pavers to dry completely. Finally, the sealer is applied to your pavers. A protective mask must be worn during the application due to the toxic fumes that is extremely unsafe to breathe in. Once the sealer has been applied you must wait for it to dry. The final step is to put back the polymeric sand between the pavers. Protecting the color of your pavers from fading as well as protecting them from staining are the main benefits of applying a sealer.

How often should I replace the polymeric sand?

The polymeric sand, under perfect conditions, should last 5 years. Once the weeds start to grow through the gaps in the pavers its time to remove and reapply the sand. This can be done using a pressure washer and some elbow grease. Once the pavers are dry, polymeric sand can be reapplied.

Is snowplowing safe for my interlock driveway?

Yes and No. If you can find a snow removal contractor that will use a tractor with a Teflon protection blade, then they would be your best candidate to do the job. Although the damage is never serious, the metal blades can cause surface scratches. We also recommend using plastic shovels or snow blowers with plastic blade protectors when clearing snow off your interlock driveway. However, it is important to note that your pavers have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. This covers any damage to the bricks that are not caused by the user.

Our designers and installers are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality of interlock projects are delivered to our clients. There are only a handful of qualified installers in the city of Ottawa and Canark Paving employs one of the best in the city. We collaborate with our clients ensuring that our team are in constant communication with our clients and involve them in every stage of the project. Canark Paving’s goal is to deliver high quality interlock projects to meet our client’s expectations and ensure their satisfaction.

We hand select our designers and installers. There are only a handful of qualified installers in the city of Ottawa and we are lucky to have two of them on our team. They oversee each and every job. The job will not be considered complete until one of them has diligently gone over every aspect and made sure that the job is complete.

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