Have you started thinking  about projects you can do around your home? With the warm weather  approaching, its not unusual for homeowners to start thinking about home  improvements. Landscaping is something we would find on top of the list  for the following reasons.
1. It improves health! Having a beautifully landscaped property  encourages spending more time outdoors. Fresh air and vitamin D are  natural remedies if youre feeling low on energy. In addition, your kids  running around outside means better sleep for them and for you! Not only  that, you can burn up to 300 calories by mowing your lawn. Who needs a  gym membership?
2. Better social life. Invite your friends over and boost your social  meter. Not only do you get to enjoy your beautiful space, but you get to  share it with friends too. Its been proven that good social connection  reduces stress, improve heart health, and boosts your mood. Summer is  all about having fun!
3. You may not realize it, but youre doing mother nature good. By having  shrubs and trees around your house, you are preventing soil erosion and  water run off that can potentially clog drains overtime. Also, did you  know that lawns are great producers of oxygen just as much as trees? And  if you want to save money, by shading your air conditioning unit, you  can increase your energy efficiency by 10%.
4. You are contrinuting to community. It shows your neighbors that you  care about your home which in turn makes your neighborhood an inviting  place to live in.
5. Lastly, you are investing in your home. By simply adding a nice  lansdcape to your home, you are increasing its value by up to 28%. And  if you decide to sell your it one day,  a good curb appeal will work in  your favor. A well manicured lawn and landscape can be one of the major  selling points for a home.
Who would think that a simple or major landscaping project could have  this many benefits? A simple change can have a major impact on many  aspects of your life without even knowing it. After all, beauty is more  than skin deep, right?