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Every Job that we pave in Ottawa is done with the highest degree of quality workmanship. We understand the importance of building a good foundation for every asphalt paving job we do. We give careful consideration to every step of our paving work from start to finish.

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What is our process?

Step 1: We start by removing the old existing asphalt driveway. If there is any dirt, we will excavate and create a proper base using Granular A asphalt driveway base. During this stage we also check to see if the existing driveway base needs any additional Granular A. It is important to note that a solid foundation is the essence of a quality driveway paving job. Also, if we notice any major issues during this process such as “blue clay” we may discuss with the homeowner and decide upon a full excavation and creation of an entirely new base.

Step 2: We will add Granular A and grade the area where the new asphalt driveway will be installed. This step is important because this is where our driveway paving experts will ensure that the water will drain properly from your asphalt driveway. Occasionally, there will be issues where we need to take extra steps to ensure proper drainage. This usually occurs when the driveway being paved is a negative slope or is lacking adequate slope to move the water from the garage floor to the road. Occasionally, a drain will need to be installed to fix this problem.

Step 3: We will be laying the asphalt driveway. Now we have all the foundation prepped and ready. The water is sloped away, and the base is solid and strong. We put the paving machine on your driveway and begin laying asphalt. The paving machine creates minor compaction to the new asphalt surface while it is laying the product.

Step 4: We need to roll it once again with a finish roller to ensure a minimum of 93% asphalt compaction. The tighter the asphalt in your driveway is compacted, the less likely it will form cracks in the following years. Also, during this stage, you will see us adding water to the surface. We do this to cool down the asphalt while we are compacting it.

We are comprised of two teams that do our paving projects: our excavating team and paving team. The excavating team is responsible for steps 1 and 2. While the paving team focuses on Step 3 and 4. We have experienced professionals that will ensure your paved driveway is done to your satisfaction and will last you for many years to come. We have competitive pricing, therefore each job is priced in person by a trained estimator.


Care Tips for your newly paved asphalt driveway:

1. Allow the asphalt on your newly paved driveway to cure for one week. This means keeping your car off the driveway. However, it is safe to walk on the new asphalt after 24 hours.

2. The minimum curing time for your asphalt driveway is one week, however, during the summer, a heat wave can affect the curing time. In this case, allow your newly paved driveway a few more curing days to ensure the asphalt has hardened prior to parking your car.

3. Again, on hot days, it helps to sprinkle water on the driveway to speed up the curing process by cooling the asphalt.

4. No dry steering on your new asphalt – ie. Maneuvering the steering wheel while the car is not moving.

5. Avoid parking your car too close to the edge of the newly paved driveway. After the paving work is completed, we advise our clients to add topsoil, then grass seed along the edges which will help retain/hold the asphalt in the years to come.

6. Do not put anything pointy or too heavy on the driveway for a whole year, but most especially in the first couple months of installation – ie. Walking on the new asphalt with high heels, setting your lawn chairs on the driveway, jacks to support trailers or boats, or anything that can leave an indentation on the new asphalt.

7. Sealing the driveway is recommended after the first, third, and fifth year.


Asphalt is good for 10-20 years depending on how well it is maintained and the quality of the install. If your asphalt driveway is starting to break apart or get pot holes, call us and we will send a professional for a consultation. We have 10 years experience in asphalt paving and we service Ottawa, Kanata, Carp, Orleans, Manotick, Greely, Osgoode, Metcalfe, Embrun, and Russel areas. Refer a friend or neighbor and receive a 5% discount!

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