Asphalt is a great product because it is sustainable and inexpensive. Asphalt is made primarily of only a couple of ingredients. First you have mineral aggregates such as crushed rock, gravel, sand, different types of slag and of course your recycled materials. The recycled material is old asphalt from roadways that has been crushed and Bitumen has been added along with high temperatures to bind the two together. Bitumen is considered a binder and is typically used in all forms of Asphalt. Another name for Bitumen is “Tar”. Asphalt pavement consists of multiple layers. where different types of asphalt will be used for each layer. Between these layers a glue called RS1 will be used to bind the layers together.

The Different Types of Asphalt Used.

Asphalt types used for Paving driveways

There are 3 different types of asphalt hot, warm and cold. Each type of asphalt has an important use and your choice depends on the application whether it is in a parking lot with a lot of traffic or a residential driveway with minimal traffic and light vehicle weight. Hot asphalt is typically applied during the warm seasons of the year when it is readily available to be produced at the plants inside the quarry’s. When applying hot asphalt you have a limited amount of time while it is hot and pliable to use. As the asphalt cools it becomes stiffer and more consistent to the structure of finished asphalt. Warm asphalt is a way for contractors and city’s to save money on production costs of the asphalt while still providing a quality pavement. Cold asphalt can be re-heated on site using specific equipment, which allows for a greater window of working time. This type of asphalt is used primarily during colder times of the year and is generally mixed with an RS1 glue and used to fill pot holes temporarily until a hot mix can be applied during appropriate temperatures.

Why is the Quality of the Asphalt Important?

Having a high quality paving job is important. The quality of the paving directly affects how long the job will last, how soon it will begin to crack and how well it will hold up against the weather and traffic put on it. The top contractors will take time during their “off season” to educate themselves with the latest technologies and equipment in the paving world.

It is also important to always use the highest quality asphalt from trusted suppliers. The asphalt should be tested regularly to ensure proper temperatures and aggregate mixtures are appropriate. Chose a contractor that can guarantee they do this to ensure the job is done properly.

Canark Paving and Interlock Strives for the highest quality jobs.

Here at Canark we have been serving the Ottawa area for the past 10 years. We strive to give our customers the highest quality workmanship and product on every job we do. We realized that by giving our clients a superior product we created long and lasting relationships with our clients and helped to beautify and reinforce the community in Ottawa. We pride ourselves in our ability to do our projects from start to finish and stay on schedule and within budget, Part of this is because we train our staff and project managers regularly on the new technology in the Paving world. We also focus on having the newest and best technology.